Event Venue for Parties, Birthdays and Weddings

Located in Chamblee, Atlanta, this is the perfect location to host your next baby shower, engagement party, holiday party, birthday or wedding. We offer bilingual (Spanish) assistance to help plan and arrange your next event. With almost 5,000 sq. ft. of space and a dance floor, you will be able to host up to 298 people. Discounts available for events on fridays and Sundays. 
We offer a range of decorations and options to help make this next event one to remember and reflecting the style and ambience of what you are celebrating. We are conveniently located off of I-85 and close to I-285 to ensure that this is a location that is accessible and convenient for all of your guests. Contact us for schedule and pricing.

Planning a party

There are several important points to consider when planning a party. One of the key points is the choice of location.

Let's review some decisive factors in choosing an event hall:

How many guests will you have?

It is important that the number of guests attending the party has enough to comfortably enjoy the event.

Guests attending the party need to sit comfortably to enjoy dinner and have enough space to move between the tables and get to the dance dance floor easily.

The dance floor must be prepared to accommodate not only the guests who attended the dinner, but also the guests who join later the party.

It is customary that after dinner, during the dance, more guests join the event late. These guests probably will not take up the tables before prepared for dinner, but also need to occasionally sit to rest between dances. This is why chairs in areas near the dance floor will be very useful.

Not only is it important to know how many guests will attend to make sure they have room to move, but we must also take into account that a large number of guests in a confined space affect the temperature in the room as the party evolves.

Our party room has two air conditioning systems of 10 Ton airflow to ensure that the temperature is adequate even when the room is filled to full capacity with almost 300 guests. But in any case it is important to have an estimate of how many guests will come to prepare the air conditioning system well in advance and that all participants are comfortable at all times during the gala.

The room location is ideal for your party?

It is important to choose a room that has easy access for your guests and make it easy to find. Nowadays with GPS systems is easy to find any address, but it is preferable that your guests do not have to pay special attention to follow the directions to your party and arrive relaxed at a place that is easily accessible. Our event Hall is conveniently located near Highway I85 at the access road, three minutes from the popular Mall "Plaza Fiesta".

There is also public transportation available to get to the salon Bus 47, which also connects to the train station in Chamblee.

Partyroom is conveniently located in Chamblee, very popular restaurant district in Atlanta, two minutes from the popular Buford Highway.

The city of Chamblee also has many churches that offer religious services on different days of the week and different times that give flexibility to plan religious events such as baptisms, weddings and confirmations. Ask us if you need nearby church recommendation to coordinate with the date chosen for your party.

Which will be the most appropriate time?

Party starting time will depend on what kind of party is being planned.

If the party is a children's event or a countryside style party, it will be preferable that the start time is around noon. Keep in mind that many of the activities for children are not available after 8 pm.

On the other hand if the party is a formal Gala event or of adult character, it will be preffered that the party starts around eight and can go on easily until early am hours into the next day. This is why it is important to know what are the operating hours of the Partyroom chosen and also what is the law of the county or city where the event hall is located.

In our case the city of Chamblee allows us to have the room with guests until 3:30 am in the morning,at this time all guests must be out of the premises and the music turned off. The start time is very flexible in our party room and we can have the event hall prepared early in the morning if required the customer.



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