How our Studios are Soundproofed

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At Expressway Properties we take soundproofing very seriously. Hence, we exclusively engage Blue Light Studios to design and engineer all of our recording studio spaces. Soundproofing any room basically comes down to just four principles and Blue Light Studios addresses each of the studios with the latest techniques and technology to create the best studio spaces possible. The four principles are:

  1. Dampening - The absorption of sound waves.
  2. Mass - The heavier the walls and ceiling are in a room, the more sound waves will be blocked
  3. Isolation - When walls are isolated and not connected this prevents the transfer of sound vibrations.
  4. Spacing - The greater amount of space inside of a wall, the more sound is prevented from traveling through.


In all of the studios that we build, we incorporate Green Glue compound between the layers of dry wall. Green glue is a compound that absorbs sound waves and therefore prevents sound from leaving or going in a room. The sound waves when they hit the Green Glue compound is converted to heat thereby limiting the amount of sound that can be transferred. All of the studios we build have multiple layers of drywall with green glue in between each layer. Read more about how Green Glue helps soundproofing: 

All floors of our studios use a 10mm rubber underlayment to absorb sounds and in particular low frequency (bass) sound. The rubber underlayment is made of environmentally friendly recycled tires.


The more mass a wall or ceiling has, the more it will block sound. All of the walls in our studio are double layered on each side for a total of 4 sheets of drywall for a wall. For walls that are adjoining rooms, we use 6 sheets total. Some construction companies will substitute inside layers of drywall with cheaper fiberboard which has lower density and therefore blocks less sound, but we only use drywall to ensure that our walls and ceilings are as heavy as possible.


Our use of Green Glue because of it's elastic nature isolates walls to a certain extent. In our premium rooms, we use double stud architecture to completely isolate the walls. In a normal wall, there is one set of studs that comprise the wall. In a double stud design, there are two sets of studs so that each side of a wall is disconnected from each other limiting sound vibration to a minimum.


The larger the air space the more sound dissipates. With our double stud architecture, our walls in effect are more than double the size of a normal wall, with a width of almost 1.5 feet. Additionally, all doorways to the studios and to the vocal booths comprise of double doors with air seals to create a large airspace. All our doors are solid doors to ensure maximum mass for sound blockage.  



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